MAP: What if more than 72 hours has passed after unprotected SEX

The approved American methods are designed to be given in the first 72 hours, specifically Plan B.  But even the WHO  says that about 1/10 women don't think of getting or taking Emergency Contraception or the so called Morning After pill until that time has already passed. If you want to make it easy, you can buy Plan B over the counter. But if you have forgotten to do this, and more than 72 hours passed, consider other alternatives such as an IUD or Ella.  HRA Pharma, a European pharmaceutical company that designs products, devices and supporting services in reproductive health and endocrinology, announced in 2009 that ellaOne(R) (ulipristal acetate), its next generation emergency contraceptive, has been granted marketing authorization by the European Commission. Sold as Ella in the USA it is effective for up to 5 days, but requires a prescription. This is the first medication that was specifically designed to be an emergency contraception. It is a PRM: a progesterone receptor modulator. And it may have made a big step towards being marketed in the US now that Watson came into agreement with HRA Pharma regarding this drug.  Contraception is good health for women, but if your method fails, your Gyno Gab gal thinks that affordable, safe and effective methods of post coital contraception are important for women. And Obamacare has made IUDs affordable, and another option women should discuss is having a Copper IUD inserted as both an emergency contraceptive as well as a great method of contraception. We look forward to more women taking advantage of all their modern contraceptive alternatives, including this one.


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